Monday, October 3, 2011

Ciate Facebook Competition

Ciate had a competition a few weeks ago on Facebook and I won two free polishes of my choice! It was a heartwrenching decision, as if you've ever checked out their colors, they are amazing. I was torn, but I decided to go for the vivid pink Cupcake Queen and a stunning twilight blue, Regatta from the new Heritage collection. 

No, you aren't crazy, this is definitely not a dark blue. But it is still amazing, this is Strictly Legal, a raisin brown packed with gold shimmer. Blue tends to make my fairly pinkish hands look like lobster claws, so good call Ciate.

Cupcake Queen is a hot pink with an iridescent blue shimmer that doesn't show on the nail but finishes out the color really well. Also, this is practically a 1-coater, it applies like nothing I've ever owned.

Strictly Legal is a wonderful fall shade. Strong plum hues with a shimmer that makes it glow. I love it, my wardrobe just isn't facilitating browns at the moment. In Vegas it is still fairly warm out and I wont have a chance to wear my fall colored sweaters and jackets until the end of the month. Sad times :\ 

Check out Ciate's amazing polishes at their website! Sadly, they are a UK company only, so shipping will be on the steeper side :\
Reigning Beauties has swatches of Regatta and the rest of the Heritage Collection, if you want to check that out.

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