Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unfulfilled Polish Cravings and Random Manicures/Swatches

Awesome Giveaway
A Polish Change is doing a fantastic giveaway at her blog. You can check it out here!
She also has a wonderful tutorial that I will be following religiously, as my hands are so quite obviously dried and haggard.

I was craving the entire FingerPaints Fall Fashionista collection. But I held back and am currently regretting it as they are nowhere to be found at Sally or Amazon/Ebay! Argg, Catwalk Queen, Purple Pinstripe, Raspberry Taffeta, you will never see the inside of my nail drawer. Sadness. Also, I have a massive Calc exam looming on the horizon. Today has not been kind!

Anyway, I did go fairly nuts at Forever 21 these past couple of weeks, buying a ton of Love and Beauty shades. The formula is hit or miss, but the color selection is massive. Plus they are cheap enough ($3) for me to be more adventurous and buy colors I normally wouldn't go for.

The shades aren't really named. But from left to right is Green Tea scented, Light Green, Indigo, and Periwinkle

I did a quick tape mani with Indigo and Zoya's Savita matte purple. Indigo pulls a lot of purple despite showing very blue in this picture.
 Please excuse my terribly dry hands. Non-acetone nailpolish remover leaves this odd white drying residue on my fingers, making my hands look super icky. 

I also did a quick dot mani expirement with the Light Green  (this color was predominately a yellow, I mixed in 10 or so drops of the Green Tea shade to green it up a bit) , Green Tea, Ulta's Flamingo, and a Rimmel white.

You might have picked up that I mentioned buying a ton of these, where I only showed these four. I've been behind on my swatching/pictures as I still have 10 more shades to do!

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