Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Little Pony and a Birthday Mani

It was my adorable cousin's birthday yesterday, she turned five. My aunt is only 2 years older than me and we grew up together, so I consider my cousin to be more like a niece and spoil her accordingly. She is also super girly, so I have a ton of fun shopping for her. This year I went with a massive My Little Pony and the DVD of the new TV show (it is actually really cute).

I also did a birthday manicure befitting a girly, 5-year-old party :D

Zoya Lolly (dark pink matte), Milani Tip Toe Pink (light pink) and my glitter franken with Diamond Cosmetics matte topcoat.

My cousin/niece was very impressed (she loves nailpolish, this girl is awesome).


  1. omg !! adorableeee princess !!!! ur nails are amazing but , she is an angel !!! !!! gr8 nails !!!!

  2. Adorable mani!!! Love it!!!


  3. your mani is so cute! and you're cousin is the cutest little girl ever!