Sunday, June 3, 2012

Girl with the N7 Nails

So, I'm essentially obsessed with the Mass Effect series. Even Diablo 3 couldn't dislodge the singular fixation I have with the game. I've had my eye on the Tony Moly Galaxy line for a while, and I wasn't sure why, but Mercury in particular called out to me.

 Tony Moly Mercury: Black jelly base and silver, blue and red glitter.

It just screamed Mass Effect to me. So I did the only thing a lacquerista with a nerdy obsession could do: I did a N7 themed manicure.

Non-dominant hand. I messed up the logo a bit on my right hand. Nail polish fumes and lack of sleep do not mix my friends.
Tony Moly Mercury (GT01) with a sheer black jelly topcoat to darken and create depth. Accent nail was done with homemade tape strips using Zoya Purity and Zoya Carmen. Underneath that is Zoya Raven stamped with Julep Kim.

Got my thumb in there!

This glitter is seriously stunning in daylight. 

Macro glitter shot! I finally figured out that the red and blue glitter reminds me of Paragon vs. Renegade

I want to do an entire series of themed manis centered around Mass Effect. Archangel or Shadowbroker nails next I think. 

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