Thursday, December 1, 2011

SD Card Reader and Exams

So I finally got a new SD card reader, yay! Sadly though, I have a Calc exam tomorrow, so no time to swatch until later.
Upcoming polish swatches

          • Stila Delicate Polish Set
          • Random CVS tube of nailpolish (10 glitters)
          • American Apparel polishes (including the new Imperial Purple and The Valley)
          • Wet n' Wild glitters
          • Essie LuxEffects Shine of the Times and As Gold as It Gets
          • Zoya Morgan, Eva, and Erika

Awesome Giveaways! (graphics to come soon)
Fierce Makeup and Nails is doing a spectacular giveaway with Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe set. I love glitter so hard.
Nailed to the T is doing a giveaway with the Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe as well as some beautiful ORLYs and Make-Up store shimmers and glitters
WebeGirls giving away various Dior make-up, including my no.1, ultimate lemming: Dior's Or Divin Vernis Nail Polish. I love golds! There is so little variety with yellows, but golds come in all kinds of shades and hues and variations. 

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