Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Posts

Now that finals and holidays are over, time to post! Starting with my New Years mani :D 

 Illamasqua-Scorn (black) Glitter accents: gold glitter, Pa-Lame Grande, and Love and Beauty-Disco

Up close! I loved this mani but it took foreverrrr to dry, resulting in a smudged thumb on my right hand :\
For Christmas, my best friend bought me a bunch of Diamond Cosmetics. So pretty!
 I decided to do a swatch comparison of Love Letter with Zoya-Jules and Essence-Irreplaceable.

Love Letter is darker and the shimmer is more gold, whereas Jules is a multi-tonal shimmer. Irreplaceable has more obvious bright gold shimmer (similar finish to China Glaze-Ice Cap). All are gorgeous and my camera doesn't capture the differences too well. I'd say they are pretty different enough to justify all three if you love these muted gold taupes like I do.

Close of of Love Letter to show the shimmer better, this color is super awesome!


  1. I LOVE!! That new years mani so much! Beautiful!

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