Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stellar Customer Service and Fierce Brand Loyalty

After seeing a post on Polish or Perish recommending Diamond Cosmetics, I decided to try the brand out with small fear of it harming my miniscule pocket book. There was a small mix-up with my order and the customer service was so stellar. Fixed immediately and a free polish thrown in to bribe me into being forever in love with their brand because of how nice they were.

Another company that has bought my shameless affection is Zoya, currently giving away 2 free nail polishes for just the cost of shipping. I love this brand. I love their constant color selection and availability, saving me the trouble of hunting down rares on Ebay or polish swapping sites. I love their packaging, I love their adorable Facebook messages to their frequently disgruntled fans. Both of these brands rock my socks. NOTE: I have in no way been officially bribed or sponsored to talk up their products on my little blog.

Now, onto the swatches: Diamond Cosmetics Fall/Winter Collections 2011!

L: Whisper Softly R: Falling in Love
Whisper softly is GORGEOUS. A soft jade green flecked with iridescent flakes. Bottle close up!

Seriously, check out this flake action. Its much more subdued on the nail however.
Indoor, natural lighting. 2 coats

Formula was thick but smooth and easy to apply. I do wish the color was a bit less opaque to let the flakes shine through more. But simultaneously, I love how subtle it is. Easily my favorite of the collection so far.

 Indoor lighting 2 coats. 
I am not big on reds. It is easily the most under-represented of colors in my collection. However, I really like this pinkish red. Rather unique for fall, as it is neither berry nor vampy. Muted and subdued but with a nice shimmer that glows in the light. Formula was buttery smooth and opaque in 2 coats.

 Check out how dry my hands look. This is the result of non-acetone remover, it leaves this odd dry looking film on my hands after I use it.

Up close you can see the pink, silver and a hint of lavender shimmer.

L:  Plum Crazy for You  R: Snowflake Scandal
I love purples. I can't have enough of them. I'm not into pinks or reds and blues/greens tend to make my hands look like the cheeks of a drunken Irishman, so purples are my happy medium. Plum is a lovely purple with a delicate silver shimmer. The formula on this, like the rest of the collection was wonderful. The longer dry times I'm used to from Diamond were surprisingly a non-issue for this collection.

Direct sunlight. 2 coats.
My indoors shot for this color turned out really blah. So natural light outside. 

Up close for the shimmer! 

Up close for the glitter details! Its a bit hard to discern but there is a size variance with this glitter that allows for much better coverage. I frankened a glitter like this and it turned out very poorly because of the uniform grain. 

 Snowflake Scandal over Whisper Softly (1 coat), bare nail (2 coats), Plum Crazy (1 coat), and Falling (1 coat) with natural lighting.


  1. Gag me with a spoon why don't you!!! Those are so lovely!! I'm no red fan either, but it is nice and looks really good on you!!

  2. I'm giving you a cute blog award. =)

  3. Omg I'm in LOVE with Whisper Softly! I've never heard of this brand.. I might just have to order that color