Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Days

Oh my poor neglected blog. So post-transfer applications and transcrip request insanity, I decided to go seasonal and do a beachy manicure inspired by a Reddit lacquerista Colieshark. I also thought it would be the ideal opportunity to try out a water marble (but only on 2 nails, I wasn't about to overextend myself).

 Right Hand: Zoya Zuza on pinkie and index.
Marble with Zuza, Zoya Wednesday, American Apparel The Valley, Diamond Cosmetics Head Over Teals, and Zoya Purity.
Accent Nail: Essence Irreplaceable, Butter London WestEnd Wonderland, Butter London Tart with a Heart

 Left hand. Same colors!
Tart with a Heart + WestEnd Wonderland combo blew me away. It ended up looking like a holo, but a holo with scattered glitter bits and specs of tiny black glitter. It was the perfect sand!
Close up for glittery sand goodness! In the sun.
And in the shade, either way, it was stunning!

Okay, but my absolute favorite part of this manicure was this:

Tiny nail surf on a tiny nail beach! I got quite the kick out of it because I'm easily amused.

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