Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When Life Snaps Your Nails...

You buy nail art wheels!
Just in time to swatch the new Diamond Cosmetics Spring 2012 collection!

Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Blossom, Tiger Lily, I Love Iris, and Cactus Flower

Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Blossom (2 coats, natural light)

Pale cool-toned pink creme. In the bottle it looked very similar to OPI Pink Friday and as you can see, its just a shade lighter. I'm curious as to how this would compare with Ciate's Strawberry milkshake. Formula was easy to work with. I haven't been big on pinks until recently, so I'm glad to have this to close the pink gap in my collection.

Diamond Cosmetics Tiger Lily (2 coats, natural light)

Creamy orange with a silvery micro-shimmer. I thought I would love this more than I actually did. I think the silvery shimmer puts me off a bit, silver and orange aren't my favorite of color combinations. 

Bottle shot! Looks really close to Butter London Bossy Boots. Threw the minty ORLY in just for fun

Diamond Cosmetics I Love Lily Comparison (Natural light 2 coats on each swatch)

Warmer and slightly darker than bossy boots. Jealous, Much? is just in there to show how non-minty these colors are. I do love pale greens of all kinds!

Diamond Cosmetics Cactus Flower Comparison

Look at this gorgeous microshimmer!

Cactus flower is in the same color family as Caitlin and Grape Gumball. Zoya Lotus was much darker and less blue toned. Cactus flower pulls the most blue of them all.
I couldn't capture the microshimmer very well. In person it's still fairly subtle but far more noticeable than in these pictures.
Macro to see the beautiful shimmer! Gah, I love shimmery cremes so much!

I forgot to do a non-macro bottle shot for this. But it is part of the Diamond Cosmetics Fall 2011 collection. Head Over Teals. Natural lighting

Indoor lighting, varied coats (2 and 1). This polish is so thick, I'd recommend only using 1 coat. 2 makes it really lumpy and the creme is too thick to let the glitter really shine through.
Indoor lighting (1 coat with 2 coats Seche Vite)
Indoors, this teal pulls more green. In natural lighting, it's bluer. Gorgeous teal!


  1. I've got a question for ya, how DO you corral your polish collection? Especially living in a dorm, with limited space, you'd have to be pretty creative in your storage strategy. I have a decent amount of polishes, mostly for painting metal jewelry pendants, beads & findings, (works so much better than straight paint! But Shh, it's my little secret! Lol) but my collection has grown out of the train case & boxes they've been residing in! I was hoping you might have some creative solutions to storing polish, but still being able to view the collection.

  2. Luckily for me, I no longer have to live in a dorm, haha. I did just recently buy a craft storage solution from Michaels (the Melmer as lacquer addicts call them) and I do really love it for holding nail plates, brushes, etc. If you Google Melmer and nailpolish, you'll get an idea of how many they hold and whatnot. They're usually sale, so I picked mine up for around $20, which is a much nicer pricetag than the original $40.

    I also use my Micke (gotta love Ikea) desk drawers, as my desk is also my workstation (a very cramped one, but a workstation nonetheless). And a DIY foamboard nailpolish rack.

    Sadly, none of these are particularly creative. I do love my nailpolish rack. It is lovely to have everything on display and it doesn't take up any valuable floorspace. My next update, I will take pictures of my full collection and give an idea of how I store everything :).